Campus Life

CDIC’s football team participates in the 15th Sunshine Sports Football League


Chang’an university recently held the 2021 Football League according to the Sports Implementation Plan of Chang’an university’s 15th Sunshine Sports in order to promote further the in-depth development of Sunshine Sports in our university, to stimulate the enthusiasm of students to participate in physical exercises, to enable the majority of young students to develop the habit of lifelong physical exercises and to enrich students' cultural life.

At 19:00 on the evening of May 27th, the football team of CDIC and the Faculty of Science compete fiercely on the Eastern Football Stadium.

With a whistle, the game kicked off. The two teams started a fierce competition. Players from both teams showed good sports qualities. Two teams showed team spirit and that competing comes after friendship.

The football team of CDIC tried to intercept and blocked the opponent's attack many times. At the same time, our players also actively launched the offensive, passing the ball to each other, dribbling the ball, and shooting many times. They were calm and seized the opportunity to score successfully. Finally, the football team of CDIC achieved a good result of 2-0 in this game, which won honor for CDIC.

Although our football team has just been formed, everyone has overcome the difficulties of inexperience, trained hard, prepared actively, responded calmly on the field, united as one, and finally won the group match.