organization structuring



Name of Organiation

Department setting


the center of student organization of the communist youth league

League Affairs Department

Youth Education Department

Implementation Department


Student Union


Study Department

Equity Service Department

External Liaison Department


Youth Media Center

Collecting and Editing Department

Operation Department

Technology Department


Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association

Organization Development Department

Contest Management Departmen

Academic Practice Department


Culture, Art and Sports Association

Department of Literature and Art

Sports Department

Project Department


Responsibilities of each department

I  the center of student organization of the communist youth league

1.League Affairs Department

(1)Responsible for member development, member registration, group fee collection, and transfer of member organization relations;

(2)Responsible for contacting the league branch of the class and carrying out the assessment of the league branch;

(3)Organize and carry out activities such as Youth League Day activities, youth study, May 4th evaluation and selection of excellent candidates to join the party;

(4)Complete other tasks assigned by the university and the Youth League Committee.

2.Youth Education Department

(1)Carry out work related to the Young Marxist Training Project, and conduct daily training and management of the Qingma Class students;

(2)Organize and carry out group education and training on a regular basis;

(3)Carry out special education activities such as Qingma recitation.

3.Implementation Department

(1)record the social practice credits during winter and summer vacations and credits on youth Chang’an university;

(2)Organize and carry out cultural and innovative activities on a regular basis;

(3)Organize and carry out voluntary service activities, and guide students to do a good job in the registration of young volunteers.


II  Student Union


 (1)Responsible for the management of event venues such as CDIC Student Union Office;

 (2)Responsible for the archiving and online disk management of the school year work summary materials of the Student Union and various organizations;

 (3)Formulate normative regulations and issue relevant announcement;

 (4)Responsible for financial management, including daily income and expenditure records, budget formulation and reimbursement;

 (5)Responsible for meeting affairs organization and record.

2.Study Department

 (1)Collect the opinions and needs of students on teaching affairs, and report in time to the teacher in charge of educational affairs;

 (2)Organize and carry out students’ study of the student handbook and assessment;

 (3)Regularly hold activities of exchanging learning experience;

 (4)Organize self-study, mock examinations, etc. to promote the study atmosphere;

 (5)Carry out regular check of classroom and dormitory;

 (6)Complete other related work.

3.Equity Service Department

 (1) Carry out dormitory cultural festivals and other related activities, enrich dormitory culture, create a good living atmosphere, and promote the harmony of interpersonal relationships in dormitories and the development of healthy living habits;

 (2)Cooperate with the university's logistics work, and reflect students' opinions and suggestions to the teacher in charge in a timely manner;

 (3)Hold student representative symposium to understand the needs of students in daily study and life;

 (4)Carry out excellent proposal competitions and mobilize students to provide suggestions for the university’s development;

 (5)Responsible for the logistics of various student activities.

4.External Liaison Department

 (1)Establish liaison channels with foreign colleges and universities, and hold regular networking activities;

 (2)Organizing and carrying out Irish cultural activities;

 (3)Responsible for the promotion of international student exchange projects;

 (4)Contact foreign teachers to promote communication between teachers and students;;

 (5)Cooperate with the reception of foreign guests of CDIC.


III  Youth Media Center

1.Collecting and editing department

 (1)Contact the student organizations of each college and the league branch of the class, gather and organize promotional materials related to campus life and student activities and make copywriting;

 (2)Plan daily publicity and push content according to the work requirements of college students;

 (3)Select copywriting and propaganda materials, communicate with the operation department in time, and work on new media propaganda.

2.Operation Department

 (1)The members of the WeChat group are responsible for the background operation of the WeChat official account, communicate with the editing department in a timely manner, ensure the quality of editing and typesetting on the basis of existing copywriting, and do the work of daily push;

 (2)The members of the Weibo group are responsible for the background operation and daily news release of CDIC's official Weibo;

 (3)The short video group (TIKTOK group, Kuaishou group) is mainly responsible for the operation of the short video platform.

3.Technology Department

 (1)Cooperate with the maintenance of CDIC's official website;

 (2)Responsible for taking photos of various events and meetings including large-scale events;

 (3)Responsible for video editing, motion graph, and production of event panels.


IV  Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association

1.Organization Development Department

   The Organization Development Department is mainly responsible for daily work arrangements, publicity and overall planning. Specifically include:

 (1)Activity planning, including writing the plan, personnel arrangement, venue application, etc.;

 (2)Financial work, including financial custody, daily purchases, activity expense accounting and reimbursement, etc.;

 (3)Publicity work, including press release writing, production of related publicity materials, etc.;

 (4)Organizational work, including coordinating the work of various departments and connecting with higher-level organizations.

2.Contest Management Department

   The contest management department is mainly responsible for the specific implementation of various competitions. Specifically:

(1)Offline promotion, including necessary outdoor promotion and publicity activities;

(2)Preliminary work of the competition, including the sending, receiving and sorting of registration forms, and the explanation and distribution of competition materials;

(3)The in-process work of the competition, specifically including the collection and sorting of entries, defense or field work at the competition site, scoring collection and ranking sorting, etc.

3.Academic Practice Department

  The Academic Practice Department is mainly responsible for the guidance of science and technology innovation competitions and the sharing of learning experience. Specifically include:

 (1)The post-competition work, specifically including the experience summarization of the competition and the collection of competition works, etc.;

 (2)Guidance work for entrepreneurial projects, specifically including scientific explanation and guidance of various entrepreneurial competitions or projects, and collecting and sorting out outstanding successful cases, etc.;

 (3)The creation of an academic atmosphere and the sharing of learning experience, including regular experience exchange activities such as academic salons;

 (4)Consultation on science and technology innovation projects, specifically including connecting with the science and innovation team, providing consultation or directly participating in the consultation of various science and innovation projects, etc.


v  Culture, Art and Sports Association

1.Department of Literature and Art

 (1)Responsible for organizing the rehearsal and preparation of the show;

 (2)Organizing and planning of various Literature and Art activities and program;

 (3)The programming of fellowship activities.

2.Sports Department

 (1)Planning and organizing various cultural and sports activities to enrich students' extracurricular life and improve their physical fitness;

 (2)Responsible for the recruitment, training supervision and logistics of various sports teams;

 (3)Responsible for the organization and training of the university’s sports events;

 (4)Responsible for the organization and publicity of sports competitions such as Anta Cup and Weishui Cup.

3.Project Department

 (1)Responsible for formulating CDIC's annual, quarterly, and monthly cultural and sports activities development plan;

 (2)Responsible for planning cultural and sports activities of important time nodes;

 (3)Responsible for the application and approval of venues for various cultural and sports activities of CDIC;

 (4)Actively contact with other CDIC organizations and cooperate to carry out cultural and sports activities with international characteristics.