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CDIC Participated in the 8th Meeting of the Chinese-foreign Joint Institutes Committee


From October 17th to 19th, 2021, the eighth meeting of the Chinese-foreign Joint Institutes Committee was held at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu. Yan Bingchen, Deputy Director of the International Department of the Ministry of Education, Zhao Yanzhi, President of Shenyang University and Secretary-General of the Joint Institutes Committee, and Chen Chaoxian, Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, came to give guidance. More than 300 representatives from hundreds of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions across the country attended the meeting. With the theme of New Challenges, New Opportunities, and New Deeds, this conference aims to jointly promote the development of Sino-foreign cooperative education in the post-epidemic era, deepen the opening of education with more innovative measures, and develop a high level of education with world-class resources. Yao Yiliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy Dean of CDIC, and 5 faculty members from various departments of the college attended the meeting.

Group photo of the meeting

On the morning of October 18th, Zhao Yanzhi made a report on the work of the secretariat of the Joint Institutes Committee. Yan Bingchen fully affirmed the important role played by the Joint Institutes Committee in ensuring the quality and sustainable development of Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions. He clarified the dominant position of secondary institutions in Chinese-foreign cooperative education. He emphasized that secondary institutions should focus on enhancing the demonstration and leading power of cooperative education, actively carry out integration and innovation, build a high-level faculty, strive to solve problems, thoroughly consider the certification standards for Sino-foreign cooperative education in the post-epidemic era, and strive to explore innovative measures for spillover effects.

On the afternoon of October 18th, the meeting was launched in four parallel sub-forums. Yao Yiliang was invited to give a special report on the theme of “Thoughts and Practice on the Characteristic Education and Party Construction of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education in Road Transportation” at the sub-forum 3. He shared CDIC's school-running experience with the delegates, analyzed the situation and challenges faced by the party building work of Sino-foreign cooperative education in the post-epidemic era, and introduced the college's party building work innovation and practice from multiple dimensions.

Yao Yiliang giving a special report

This joint meeting strengthened CDIC’s contact with other Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions, enabled the majority of faculty and staff to further understand the guiding policies for Chinese-foreign cooperative education, and clarified the future development direction and measures of the college in terms of teacher construction, curriculum setting, training model, and the deepening of education opening-up. At the same time, this conference has accumulated valuable experience for the high-quality development of the college.

Group photo of CDIC’s delegates

The Chinese-foreign Joint Institutes Committee was established in August 2014 under the guidance of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office) of the Ministry of Education. It is voluntarily formed by the principals of Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions approved by the Ministry of Education, and is a national social organization engaged in the exchange and cooperation of Sino-foreign cooperative education. The committee aims to promote the healthy development of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run institutions of higher education, improve the quality of talent training in Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools, condense the strength of them, and give better play to the important role of Sino-foreign cooperative education in promoting the internationalization of China's higher education.

(Writer: Zhang Dongyu; Reviewer: Yao Yiliang; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)