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Vice President of Chang 'an University Led a Team to Investigate the Comprehensive Reform and Construction of CDIC


On the morning of October 26, Vice President He Shuanhai visited CDIC to investigate the comprehensive reform and construction work. The heads of the Office of Department and Planning, Office of Teaching Affairs, Personnel Office, Office of Financial Affairs, and Office of International Cooperation & Exchange accompanied the investigation. The symposium was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Hongyuan Teaching Building. All college leaders and heads of various departments attended the symposium. The symposium was chaired by He Shuanhai.

The meeting scene

He Shuanhai listened to the report on the operation and development of CDIC’s Sino-foreign cooperative education, and had discussions and exchanges with the college’s leadership team. He highly recognized the development achievements and gradually expanding domestic and international influence of the college in various undertakings since its establishment and gave guidance and feedback on the difficulties and challenges faced by the college in the current stage of employment system, teaching management, financial management, and school space. He said that the university attaches great importance to the comprehensive reform and development of the college, and various functional departments will reach a consensus and actively cooperate to provide corresponding support in accordance with the comprehensive reform plan of the college. At the same time, he asked the college to improve its ideological position, strengthen its sense of innovation, boldly raise demands and make highlights in the process of comprehensive reform, strive to demonstrate its own school-running characteristics in the field of Sino-foreign cooperation education to form the Chang'an University model, and make greater contributions to the university's double first-class construction and the training of international talents.

He Shuanhai giving a speech

On behalf of the college, Wang Hainian extended a warm welcome to He Shuanhai and his entourage for their in-depth investigations in the college, and expressed sincere gratitude to He Shuanhai and various functional departments for their full support to the college for a long time. He gave a detailed report on the development process of the college's Sino-foreign cooperative education from the aspects of the college's general situation, key tasks, current status of operation and development, and comprehensive reform ideas. He pointed out that since its establishment, the college has actively integrated the teaching resources of the major of transportation engineering, innovated the training model of international talents, and strived to make outstanding contributions to comprehensively improve the international level of the university's teaching. At the same time, the college also has various constraints, which makes it need the support of the university and various functional departments. He said that the college will continue to improve the comprehensive reform plan, accelerate the implementation of various key reform tasks, and ensure solid results.

Wang Hainian reporting on the comprehensive reform ideas of CDIC

The participating leaders of various functional departments exchanged speeches on their respective tasks. They unanimously expressed their support for the college's comprehensive reform plan and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on related work.

Group photo

The symposium ended successfully, and all participants took a group photo.

(Writer: Cui Lu; Photographer: Liu Shaokui; Reviewers: Yao Yiliang, Li Sijia; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)