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CDIC held a regular management meeting of both parties


On the afternoon of June 1, 2021, CDIC held a regular management meeting of both parties in the meeting room on the fourth floor of Hongyuan Building, Weishui Campus of Chang'an University. Wang Hainian (Dean of CDIC), Bai Qiang(Deputy dean of CDIC), Jia Jieyu(Director of Academic Affairs Office), Paul Fanning (Provost of University College Dublin ,China Office) and Paula McGarry (Director of University College Dublin, China Office)participated in this meeting.

Chang'an University and the University College Dublin adopt different scoring systems (Chang'an University’s performance scoring standard is a hundred-point system, and the University College Dublin’s performance scoring standard is a letter system). Due to the characteristics of Sino-foreign cooperation education and the differences in student status management regulations between the two universities, an in-depth discussion was conducted between two parties in the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to improve the grade management mechanism and steadily promote the undergraduate teaching to ensure students’ rights to the greatest extent.

Afterwards, the two parties had a detailed discussion on the Supplementary Regulations for Student Status Management of CDIC proposed by the University College Dublin. Wang Hainian said that formulating supplementary regulations on the management of student status and improving the registration management system are vital to the development of Sino-foreign cooperative education. The two sides will further strengthen communication to ensure the steady development of CDIC's education management work.

In addition, the two parties have determined the date of the academic committee meeting for the spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year and the list of committee members. They also conducted in-depth discussion about the related work of the online summer exchange activities provided by the University College Dublin and the graduation design of Civil Engineering Infrastructure major.

The convening of this meeting is of great significance to ensure the smooth development of the follow-up educational affairs of CDIC and the management of undergraduate education.

the meeting