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CDIC held the meeting of the Academic Committee of Chang'an University for Sino-foreign Cooperative Education in the Spring Semester of 2021


On the afternoon of June 28, 2021, the meeting of the Academic Committee of Chang'an University for Sino-foreign Cooperative Education in the Spring Semester of 2021 was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Hongyuan Teaching Building of the CDIC.A total of 17 people attended the meeting, including Wang Hainian, Dean of CDIC, Li Yuanchun, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, related leaders of Highway School, Automotive School, Transport Engineering School and CDIC, Paul Fanning, Provost of CDIC, Director of UCD China Joint Office, Chinese and foreign leaders of Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Automotive Engineering and Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy major, Chinese and foreign leaders of English courses, and relevant staff from the Office of Academic Affairs of CDIC.

First of all, Wang Hainian expressed his gratitude to all the members for attending the meeting. He said that the Academic committee is an important organization which ensures the quality of teaching of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education at Chang 'an University. He hoped that all the committee members could play an active role, constantly innovate ideas and measures, deepen practical cooperation, maintain high quality education and teaching level, cultivate more high-level compound international elite talents, further improve the teaching quality of Sino-foreign cooperative education of the university, and make contributions to the construction of “double first-class” of the university.

Dean Wang Hainian making a speech

At the meeting, the two sides discussed and approved the academic committee’s responsibilities, its composition, and the score conversion table for Chinese and foreign students in the college. They also had a detailed discussion on the relevant documents, such as the supplementary regulations on student status management, the requirements for advanced English courses and the archiving standards of teaching materials.On the basis of the student status management regulations of the two universities, the supplementary regulations of the CDIC further integrate the management characteristics of both Chang 'an University and UCD, which fully reflects the characteristics of Sino-foreign cooperative education and highlights the training goal of international compound talents. The meeting also discussed the time of the academic committee meeting for the next semester, and discussed the curriculum arrangement and the overall plan of the graduation project for the students of Grade 2018.

Li Yuanchun gave instructions on the overall work of the first batch of graduates of the college in the next academic year. She pointed out that the college should screen the credit completion of the 2018 graduates in advance to ensure that the graduation audit for the next academic year goes smoothly.

Deputy Director Li Yuanchun making a speech

At the end of the meeting, Wang Hainian made a summary. He said that the academic affairs office of the university and the various colleges have provided strong support and guarantee for the smooth development of CDIC’s Sino-foreign cooperative education. In order to continuously carry out the education and teaching work of Sino-foreign cooperative education at a high level, the college will steadily finish every task, and actively use the advantages of Sino-foreign cooperative education to carry out cooperation in education, teaching, scientific research and other fields through the interdisciplinary exchange and communication between the two universities to cultivate talents with an international vision and improve the level of international running of CDIC.

Meeting Scene

(Writing: Xu Chenxi; Review: Jia Jieyu; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)