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CDIC Held the UCD Freshmen Welcome Party and an Event of “Professors Explain Majors” by UCD Professors


On the afternoon of September 2, 2021, CDIC and UCD held a 2021 freshmen welcome party and a series of events of “professors explain majors” by UCD professors at the Hongyuan Teaching Building on Weishui Campus. The conference was conducted remotely and online, and Paul Fanning, Provost of CDIC, Catherine MacKenzie, Deputy Provost of CDIC, Professor Beatriz Martinez Pastor, Head of the major of Civil Engineering Infrastructure at UCD, Professor William Smith, Head of the major of Automotive Engineering at UCD, Professor Brendan Williams, Head of the major of Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy at UCD, and all the 2021 freshmen attended this meeting.

First of all, Paul Fanning and Catherine MacKenzie expressed their sincere congratulations and welcome to the 2021 freshmen. Paul Fanning expressed the hope that students will develop good study habits in the first year of university and lay a solid foundation for four years of university study and lifelong learning. Catherine MacKenzie emphatically interpreted the college’s English language requirements, performance evaluation process, academic year advancement, academic committee responsibilities and other key points for the 2021 freshmen. She hopes that students can make full use of the high-quality learning resources of the two universities and grow into international elites with solid professional skills, advanced management concepts and excellent bilingual communication skills.

Paul Fanning welcoming new students

Catherine MacKenzie giving a speech

Subsequently, the three heads of the three majors of UCD briefly introduced the disciplinary characteristics and development directions of the major of Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Automotive Engineering, and Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy for the 2021 freshmen of these majors. Meanwhile, they answered specific major-related questions raised by the freshmen one by one.

Professor Beatriz Martinez Pastor introduced the development process of the cooperation between UCD and CHD to the new students majoring in Civil Engineering Infrastructure. She focused on the connotation, training objectives, curriculum system, future development direction, and future employment direction of the major, and gave specific suggestions for students on how to learn their major well.

Professor Beatriz Martinez Pastor explaining the major of Civil Engineering Infrastructure

Professor William Smith pointed out that CHD and UCD will jointly provide students with world-class teaching resources and development opportunities, hoping to cultivate students into composite international engineering talents with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.

Professor William Smith explaining the major of Automotive Engineering

Professor Brendan Williams gave a brief introduction to the core courses offered by the major of Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy and its graduation prospects, focusing on the academic advantages of UCD and the courses offered. He said that the majors in UCD and CHD had joined forces to further ensure the realization of high-level international talent training goals, and hopes that students can study at UCD or other world-renowned overseas universities after graduation.

Professor Brendan Williams explaining the major of Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy

Through this welcome party and the “Professors Explain Majors” activity by UCD professors, the 2021 freshmen of the college further deepened their understanding of the three Sino-foreign cooperative majors, laying a solid foundation for subsequent professional learning.

(Writer: Wang Yihan; Reviewers: Bai Qiang, Jia Jieyu; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)