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CDIC Held a Forum for Foreign Teachers to Celebrate Teachers’ Day


On the afternoon of September 9, 2021, the college held a forum for foreign teachers in the conference room on the fourth floor of Hongyuan Building to celebrate the upcoming 37th Teacher’s Day. Wang Hainian, Secretary of the Party Branch and Dean of CDIC, Yao Yiliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy Dean of CDIC, Bai Qiang, Deputy Dean of CDIC, foreign teachers and some faculty members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Bai Qiang.

At the meeting, Wang Hainian extended holiday greetings and best wishes to all the foreign teachers on behalf of the college. He said that foreign teachers are an important part of CDIC, and he hopes that foreign teachers can better integrate into the big family of the college. The college will also provide the greatest assistance to foreign teachers in their work and life.

The forum scene

Wang Hainian giving a speech

Yao Yiliang gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of the college and enrollment in 2021, and fully affirmed the work and dedication of foreign teachers. He said that every bit of progress in the college is full of the hard work, wisdom and talent of every faculty and staff member. Yao Yiliang pointed out that this forum has two main purposes. First, the college hopes that everyone can speak freely and raise the problems and confusions encountered in work and life, and the college will make every effort to coordinate and solve the problems. Second, the college hopes that everyone will participate in college-related activities to gain a deeper understanding of the real China, introduce their ideas and experiences to more people to promote the college’s foreign exchanges and cooperation, and play an active role in enhancing the international level and international influence of CDIC.

The foreign language teachers of the college, David, Gary, Joe and Puii, all expressed their thoughts and suggestions. They said they were very happy to teach in CDIC and were proud of having such a team of foreign teachers in the college. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the college for the support and help in their work and life, and hoped to continue to contribute their strength in teaching and other aspects in the future. They also look forward to participating in more group activities in the future, learning more about the college and Chinese culture while better integrating into the college, and helping to promote the college’s publicity and foreign exchanges and cooperation.

Finally, the three leaders distributed Teachers' Day gifts to all the foreign teachers, and all participants took a group photo.

The group photo

(Writer: Guan Hanxiao; Photographer: Liu Shaokui; Reviewer: Bai Qiang; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)