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The Sino-foreign Education Online Meeting Between Chang’an University and University College Dublin Was Held in CDIC


On October 29, 2021, Chang’an University and University College Dublin (UCD) held the video meeting on the application of master's level Sino-foreign cooperative education projects on the fourth floor of CDIC. Zhao Xiangmo, vice president of Chang’an University, and Paul Fanning, provost of University College Dublin in China, attended the meeting. Jiang Zaiwen, director of the Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange, Wu Tao, dean of the Graduate School, Wang Hainian, dean of CDIC, Bai Qiang, deputy dean of CDIC, deans and project leaders of the School of Mechanical & Material Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architectural, Planning & Environmental Policy from University College Dublin, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Zaiwen, director of the Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange.

the video meeting scene

Zhao Xiangmo said that despite the serious impact of the international epidemic, with the joint efforts of the two universities, the enrollment of CDIC is in good condition and the teaching work runs smoothly. The two universities will further enrich the international school-running level and carry out deeper joint talent-training and scientific research cooperation by applying for the master's level Sino-foreign education on the basis of the existing undergraduate level institution. He stressed that the relevant departments should work closely with University College Dublin and complete the application materials for master's level Sino-foreign education projects on time and with high quality in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Zhao Xiangmo giving a speech

Paul Fanning said that the cooperation between University College Dublin and Chang’an university enjoys a long history and fruitful results. In particular, since the successful application of undergraduate level Sino-foreign cooperative school-running projects and institutions, the two universities have further strengthened exchanges and cooperation in the fields of teacher visits, talent training and cooperative scientific research, and have achieved remarkable results. He said that University College Dublin will work together with Chang'an University for the application of master's level Sino-foreign cooperative education projects, strive to make new breakthroughs in Sino-foreign cooperative education, and provide more opportunities for the two universities in wide-ranging and in-depth cooperation.

Wang Hainian made a detailed report on CDIC’s current situation from the aspects of cooperation foundation, student enrollment, basic infrastructure and teaching team, as well as briefly introducing the master application plan. He said that Chang'an University and University College Dublin have a deep foundation of cooperation. CDIC looks forward to deepening the cooperation with University College Dublin, improving the Sino-foreign cooperative school-running and joint training system integrating Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral projects, so as to further enhance the comprehensive influence of CDIC.

Wang Hainian giving a speech

Finally, the two universities had a detailed discussion on the background, feasibility, process and later operation of the application for the master level Sino-foreign cooperative school-running project, and have reached a preliminary consensus.

(Writer: Guan Hanxiao; Photographer: Liu Shaokui; Reviewers: Bai Qiang; Web Editor: Lu Qianni)