International communication

CDIC Held the Online Meeting on UCD Master’s Application


On the evening of November 18th, 2021, UCD and CDICheld an online meeting aboutthe master application forCDIC’s 2019 students in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of Hongyuan building. Tom Curran, Vice Principal for Internationalisation, UCD College of Engineering & Architecture, Katie O'Neill, UCD senior marketing manager, Catherine Mackenzie, deputy provost of CDIC, Julia Jniszewska, Project Administrator and all cohort 2019 students attendedthe onlinemeeting.

The OnlineMeetingScene

Firstly, Catherine Mackenzieintroduced the purpose of the meeting and welcomed the active participation of the 2019 students on behalf of UCD College of Engineering & Architecture. Subsequently, Tom Curran introduced in detail the types of master's programs at the UCD,including discipline categories, specialty settings, school system types, etc. Finally, Katie O’Neillprovidedreasonable suggestionsonstudents’ future studydirection.

Through this online meeting, the CDIC cohort 2019 students received more information aboutthe master's program of UCD College of Engineering & Architecture, andhad a clearer understanding of the future learning direction and master'sapplication.

(Writer: Guan Hanxiao; Photographer: Bai Aowen; Reviewers: Bai Qiang; Web Editor: LuQianni)