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The influence ofprominentfigures on a country isfar-reachingand multifaceted. Their words andactionsnot onlymoldthecountry’simagebutcanalsoprofoundly affectpolitics, culture, economy and other aspects. The decision-making and leadership style of leaders directly affect the development direction and policy orientation of the country, while cultural giants inherit and innovate the cultural heritage of the country through their works. Prominent figures in the economic field may drive national prosperity through entrepreneurship and the formulation of economic policy.This article will guide us into lives of renowned individuals in Ireland.


Each individual shines like a star in the sky, and prominent figures are among the brightest.However, their influence transcends epochs, leaving a profound imprint on Ireland's history, providing a positive impetus for its development, and contributing to Ireland's future.

1.乔治·伯纳德·肖(George Bernard Shaw):19世纪末至20世纪初的爱尔兰剧作家和文学评论家,获得了1925年诺贝尔文学奖,代表作品包括《匹克梅利翁》和《圣女贞德》。

George Bernard Shaw: Playwright and literary critic of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925. His works include Pygmalion and Joan of Arc.


Bernard Shaw, full name George Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright.He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925 for his idealistic and humanist works. He was the outstanding modern realistic playwright in Britain and a world-famous master of language for humor and satire. At the same time, he was also an active social activist and a propagandist of Fabian socialism. He supported women's rights, called for fundamental changes in the electoral system, advocated income equality, and advocated the abolition of private property.


Bernard Shaw's life was closely related to the socialist movement.He had studied Das Kapital carefully and declared himself "an ordinary proletarian" and "a socialist".He advocated that art should reflect urgent social problems and opposed "art for art's sake".His thoughts were deeply influenced by the German philosophers Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and he had read the works of Marx. However, he advocated changing the capitalist system by gradual methods and opposed violent revolution.


The most prominent ideological characteristics of Bernard Shaw's dramas are that they closely combine with real political struggles, dare to touch the most essential problems of capitalist society and expose the ugly face of the exploiting class in front of the public.In terms of artistic techniques, he is good at showing the conflicts of personality and main ideas through the dialogue of characters and the exchange of thoughts and feelings.Bernard Shaw's dramatic language is sharp, incisive and full of wit, with punch lines blurting out.

2.圣帕特里克(St. Patrick):爱尔兰的守护神,他引入基督教并被认为是爱尔兰的宗教奠基人之一,每年的圣帕特里克节是爱尔兰的国庆日。

St. Patrick: Patron saint of Ireland, who introduced Christianity and is considered one of the country's religious founders. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated annually as a national holiday in Ireland.


St Patrickwas born in Wales in 385 AD and took the Christian name McSwein.Until the age of 16, he felt that he was not a believer, let alone a saint. It happened at this time that his village was robbed by a gang of robbers and he himself was sold into slavery. During those difficult days in captivity, he began to grow closer to the Lord.


After six years he escaped and went to a monastery in Gael, where he studied for twelve years with Father Germen, Bishop of Ocrey. During this time, he was clearly aware of his mission, which was to make more unbelievers Christians. He felt a strong urge to return to Ireland, and he wished to make his people believe in God, but his abbess hired Father Pilate, until two years later when he went to Scotland. Patke (a Christian name he had adopted early on) was hired as the second Bishop of Ireland.


Pattek was very successful in his preaching, which also angered the Keltedruid sacrifices. They arrested Patke several times, but each time he managed to escapesuccessfully. He preached throughout Ireland and founded many monasteries throughout the country. He also built many schools and churches, which helped him fulfill his dream of "bringing the whole Irish nation to faith in Jesus Christ."

3.詹姆斯·乔伊斯(James Joyce):20世纪最杰出的小说家之一,以其代表作《尤利西斯》而闻名,被认为是现代主义文学的奠基人之一。

James Joyce: One of the most prominent novelists of the 20th century, best known for his masterpiece Ulysses and considered one of the founding fathers of modernist literature.

4.奥斯卡·王尔德(Oscar Wilde):19世纪末的著名剧作家和作家,以机智幽默和社会讽刺而著称,代表作品包括《道林·格雷的画像》和《不可儿戏》。

Oscar Wilde: Famous playwright and writer of the late 19th century, known for his wit and social satire, including The Picture of Dorian Gray and It's no Picnic.

5.邓肯·霍普金斯(Duncan Haldane):物理学家,因在拓扑绝缘体方面的研究而获得2016年诺贝尔物理学奖。他出生于英国,但后来取得了爱尔兰国籍。

Duncan Haldane: Physicist who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on topological insulators. He was born in Britain but later acquired Irish citizenship.

6.鲍比·桑德斯(Bobby Sands):爱尔兰民族解放军(IRA)的一名成员,他因在1981年饥饿抗议中去世而成为象征。他的抗议引起国际关注,对北爱尔兰问题产生深远影响。

Bobby Sands: A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) who became an icon when he died during a hunger strike in 1981. His protests gained international attention and had a profound impact on the issue of Northern Ireland.

7.伊尔莎·博兰德(Elsa Boland):现代爱尔兰的一位女性诗人,以她独特的写作风格和对女性议题的关注而受到赞誉。

Elsa Boland: A female poet of modern Ireland, recognized for her unique writing style and focus on women's issues.

她著有10多本诗集、一本获奖散文集、散文作品和一本德国女诗人选集(普林斯顿,2004年)。博兰德的作品集《In Her Own Image》(1980)、《Nightfeed》(1982)、《Outside History》(1990)和《家庭暴力》(2007)探讨了历史和当代女性身份。

She was the author of more than 10 poetry collections, an award-winning essay collection, prose writings and an anthology of German women poets (Princeton, 2004). Boland’s collections, In Her Own Image (1980), Nightfeed (1982), Outside History (1990) and Domestic Violence (2007) explore historical and contemporary female identity.


Bono: Lead singer of the band U2, known for his musical achievements and as a social activist. He is active in philanthropy, working to address global issues such as poverty and HIV/AIDS.

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